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As it stands right now 140204 has received 1,999 comments!

I'm really happy that they've been really nice. On the whole.

There have unfortunately been a tiny handful of nasty comments which I've mostly been deleting (if you want something deleted that isn't then email the address on the userinfo page or comment un-anonymously on the comment).

If you think it's big and clever to post horrible things please read this.

One person has been the target of a really nasty campaign and I believe that the person who is behind this is using the IP address

If you recognise this address, or this is your address and think I have wrongly identified you, please let me know. This is a Blueyonder Broadband IP.

For everyone else - I have not logged or attempted to obtain any other IP but this was not just one of two slightly bitchy comments.

As requested

Messages for people with usernames beginning with numbers & other characters

If usernames begin with and underscore, messages might also be found under post for the first letter that follows it.

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After a week this journal has received 1,174 comments!

Keep them coming.

It's nice to see people getting into the spirit and people having their day made a little bit nicer and who know's what else it could lead to for some ... ;-)

Also a note for people who have friended this journal: It is not a community, therefore if your journal is friends only or you make friends only posts you've added an unknown person to your friends list. I have no inclination to read those journals that I am not on the friends lists of already, but I thought I'd mention it.